We Are Sanctum

Sanctum was founded with a mission to craft & source beautiful home textiles and homewares using the finest fabrics and materials available for people who value authenticity and expect to own their purchases for life.

We all deserve a rest from the complications of modern times and making your home a sanctuary where you can rest your mind, body and soul is core to our product ranges.

At our heart we believe that true style lies in simplicity and all our products are created with this philosophy in mind.

Made With Passion

We believe that you can still create wonderful products with local labour and our goal was to, in our own small way, carry on the great traditions of Irish craftmanship. Whenever we can, we use workers based in Ireland to design and make products of exceptional quality and design.

We also tap in to our vast global sourcing experience to find and curate products of exceptional quality, design and provenance ensuring that each product can measure up to our exacting standards.

Quality Materials

Like every great thing in life, quality starts with the best ingredients. We harness the knowledge and expertise of master weavers and makers to aid us in finding the best quality fabrics and materials for our products. We passionately believe that quality triumphs over quantity every time so we aim to produce and source home textiles and homewares that will last not just for a season, but for a lifetime.