The Linen Works

As part of our commitment to transparency we want to ensure that our customer know exactly where their products come from. We want to showcase and highlight the partners we work with to bring you products of exceptional design, quality, provenance and durability.

The Linen Works, London bring 100% linen, quality products for the home to their audience in the UK. We are proud to be one of the only stockists of their products here in Ireland.

The Linen Works

The Linen Works has been creating beautifully crafted pure linen products for over ten years.

Inspired by a visit to a rustic farmhouse overlooking the Bay of Toulon, the house was well loved, lived in and told a story with pieces to treasure. Its pared-down style and simple yet useful things is what still inspire our today’s creations.

Our linen has a simple and understated style in soft muted tones. We pre-wash ours so each new piece already feels like an old friend.

We endeavour to invest in European craftsmanship and quality, made to stand the test of time and fleeting trends. All of our linen is grown and made in Europe.

If you have just discovered us, a warm welcome. We hope you find something that inspires you too!

Larissa Cairns.Creative Director

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